Join us on Saturday, July 2nd of this year

A BIG SALUTE Goes Out to Those Who Make Our 4th of July Celebration Possible!

We encourage you to join others in supporting our 4th of July Celebration

PLEASE Support Your Lago Vista 4th of July Celebration! Your Kind Donations Help Fund Our Fireworks Show.

Benefactors & Contributors

The Lago Vista 4th of July Council, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation. 100% of our funds come from Benefactors, Contributors and Businesses, plus registration fees from vendors and Firecracker 5K Run participation.

We are thankful for our 2016 Benefactors and Contributors! You truly rise above our community in showing your committed financial support to our annual 4th of July Celebration. Each contribution is instrumental in making our 2016 event possible.

Our Fireworks Show can cost upwards of $15,000. Our generous Benefactors help us  reach approximately half of  our goal. But there are more costs to ensure that our Lago Vista 4th of July Celebration is a truly enjoyable day and memory for all.

You can SUPPORT the annual 4th of July Celebration in several ways. You can be either a Benefactor, Contributor or you can pay to have your logo on the back of the official 4th of July t-shirt. Every dollar you donate goes directly to our efforts to raise the $40K non-official budget needed to pay for the TOTAL costs of the event: music, security, insurance, decorations, fees and fireworks show. Your generous donation places your name on this page as one who helped make this event possible.

    Donate Now!               Benefactor

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Add your name to our Benefactors & Contributors list by clicking the “Donate” button above and donating to the fireworks’ cost of $15,000. WE NEED YOUR DONATION NOW! You and/or your organization will be listed below. you may donate anonymously,  please email our webmaster.

We look forward to including your name/company/organization to our list below for 2015. Your donation made above is safe, secure, graciously accepted and truly patriotic!

Our 2016 Benefactors & Contributors Honor Roll


Benefactors come in all sizes, some with names, some without.  All are Special, Very Special!  We have one $1,000 contributor, one at $2,500, two at $2,000, with a total of $18,000.  Now, have you figured out this math problem?

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