Finals at the Celebration on Saturday, July 2nd

Hey Lago Vista, Show Us What You Got!

Whether you drum-it-up, sing-it-up, dance-it-up, or just plain act-up, it's time to shake it up North shore, and show us what you've got!

We’ve Got Talent

Who Can Participate?:

  • Division 1: Adults-Includes those who graduated from high school in 2015 or before
  • Division 2: Students–From age 8 to High School Seniors, including those who will graduate in 2016

Contestants younger than 8 can enter out Little Mr./Miss Lago Vista Contest.  (Click Here)

What Kind of Event is This:

Talent Contest

When Is This Event:

The Finalists Competition will be held on Saturday, July 2nd  2016 at The Lago Vista Golf Club during our 4th of July celebration. To qualify to perform in the Finalists Competition, you must place in one of the 3 first-round competitions. The dates, times and locations of these first-round competition venues are listed below. IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND ANY OF THE FOLLOWING FIRST ROUND COMPETITIONS, YOU MAY STILL REGISTER BELOW FOR OUR COMPETITION BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO PROVIDE A LINK TO A VIDEO (YOUTUBE, VMEO OR OTHER) OF YOUR AUDITION AT TIME OF REGISTRATION.

Fee: $10 Entrance Fee Donation Suggested  – ENTRANCE IS CLOSED AS OF 1:00 PM June 26.

First Round Competition Dates and Venues:

      • 6:00 pm Sadurday, June 11 – Maria’s Mexican Restaurant
        FM 1431 & Lohman Ford Road
      • 12:00 pm Monday, June 18 – Wok-N-Grill
        FM 1431 & Lohman Ford Road
      • 7:00 pm Friday, June 24 – More Bistro
        6307 Lohman Ford Rd , Lago Vista, TX 78645


We advise you to enter the kick-off round of first-round competitions. This way, if you do NOT place in a first-round venue, you are welcome to polish up your act some more and try again during one of the other two first-round competitions

So get your act together, start practicing and do yourself and the north shore proud! One thing is certain–we’ll eat it up

This year is our 6th Annual “We’ve Got Talent” competition.  Click Here to see winners from prior years.

Contact for event:

Tamra Flournoy
(512) 577-7144

Finalists for the We’ve Got Talent Competition for 2016 will be chosen soon.  Please check back soon for announcements.

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